Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo and equipment transportation is one of the complicated types of transportation requiring professional and customizedapproach. Our companyensures cargosafety and on-time delivery on any route regardless of type of oversizedcargo.

Our company can offer you oversized cargo transportation of various difficulty: heaviness, length, non-standard size. We professionally, quickly and accurately provide you with services such as transportation of special machinery, of construction and heavy equipmentetc.

Oversized cargo transportation (special machinery, construction equipment and other oversized cargo transportation) is carried out provided that establishedtransportationrules and safety standards. Oversized cargo transportation is carried out together withexecutionof all required documentation and availability of related transportation permits.

Range of our services includes development of route, loading and unloading operations, forwarding, cargo escorting, including bycars of the Motor Vehicle Inspection andby customs officers. While equipment, construction, industrial and any other oversized cargo transportation our personnel ensure continuous and careful control over transportation process.