It is very complicate taskto establish a rate of cargo transportation per kilometer r. It is impossible to make that rate fixed since it always changesdepending on various factors: POL prices, supply- demandbalance, time of year and etc. Our experience allows us to find optimal pricing solution for our partners. Our specialists can combine delivery of your cargo with additional onethat may greatly reduce your cargo transportation costs.Please feel free to contact our managers to determine price of transportationyou are interested in.Only that you need is to provide us withinformation about loading time and place, nature of cargo, its weight and size.

Forcalculation of rate for any route in order to make ourinternational logistics expert able to offer you a rate and answer all your questionsyou are kindly requestedto provide us with above details.

* 1) Transportation route: exact loading point and shipper’s warehouse point withshipper's postal code of city, street name, cargo delivery point: city, terminal, railway station (name and code of station).

* 2) Exact description of cargo, customs code of cargo (NHM or HS code, number of packages, weight and dimensionsof packages, invoicing value of goods

* 3) Type of vehicle: 20 or40ft, container, wagon, motor transport

* 4) Special properties of cargo: fragile (loading instructions),expensive (convoy is required),hazardouscargo (UN hazard code, description of packages)

* 5) Required service for execution of all documents related to the delivery (issue of export declaration in country of departure and etc.)